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Walking In My Identity Series with Tiffany Miller

Walking In My Identity Series 


Tell us a little about yourself 
• My name is Tiffany Miller. I’m a native of South Carolina. I am the mother of two wonderful boys Malikhi, and Cameron. I attend Life In The Word, Outreach Ministries Inc. I am under the leadership of my biological parents Bishop Joseph Miller and Pastor Evelyn Miller. I am an Evangelist in the Ministry. I am also the Founder of Manifestation Outreach which is an Non-profit organization designed to distribute toiletry items to those less fortunate, those who fall on hard times, or to those who face disastrous situations. Our mission is to show the love of God through giving. Our statement is Forget Not The Unforgotten.

How would you describe being your authentic self? 
I would describe myself as being authentic by being true to who God has called me to be, and By who God says I am. I am liberated to be my uniquely and wonderfully made self.

Was there ever a time in your life that you felt masked or being unauthentic in any way? 
Absolutely! My God!!! I dealt with people bondage for quite sometime in my beginning stages of walking with God. I didn’t know how to come out from amongst them, and be separated.  I wanted to please people more than God. The battle was real for me because I didn’t want to let go of the people in my life who I considered dear to my heart. When God saved me, I knew I was saved! The hardest thing for me was severing ties because I wasn’t about that life anymore. For me it was about how can I still hang out with these worldly people, and still be all about God too. We know that light and darkness can’t mix!

How did you overcome that situation and remove that mask? 
Whew, I overcame this situation by the conviction of the holy spirit. The more I would entertain the idea of pleasing people rather than God, the more my heart would become so convicted. Things became intense, and very uncomfortable for me. I remember hearing the voice of God say to me, it’s all or nothing. I surrendered completely, and totally over to God, and gave him a complete YES!! A spirit of determination set in me like a supernatural wind. When I gave God that YES, I walked away from everyone who held me bound by unhealthy soul ties through friendships. God broke those chains of people bondage off of my life, and set me free. That’s when my mask shattered to pieces.

What does walking in your identity mean to you? 
Walking in my identity means EVERYTHING to me. My destiny and my purpose are tied up in my identity. I am FREE!! Walking in my identity allows me to freely walk in my destiny without restraints. My identity will allow me to empower those God has assigned to me.

 What lessons have you learned by dealing with situations that had you once living behind a mask?     I have learned that we are called to please God and not people. It’s what God says about you that matters. Also, I’ve learned that we have an adversary the enemy whose main purpose is to kill, steal, and destroy us. The mask is engulfed with lies! Don’t allow Satan access to destroy your purpose.

Since removing the mask and walking in your identity, how has your life changed?                           My life has definitely changed for the better. I am working for God, and walking in what he has called me to be. My life will never be the same. Every round goes higher, and higher.


What words of encouragement would you give to others on being authentic in Christ and walking in their identity
I would simply say to you my brother and sister understand who you are in Christ. Get to know that person God has called you to be. Without knowing who you truly are you can’t be effective, or you can’t fully receive what God has for you. For me it was being bound by people, for you it maybe something else. Whatever your Mask is, allow God to shatter it so you can see yourself the way God sees you. With unmasking yourself comes liberation, wholeness, joy, and peace. Be authentically YOU!! That’s the person God created you to be before the foundations of the world.


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