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Walking In My Identity Series with Cara Terrance

Walking In My Identity Series 


Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Cara Terrance born and raised from Panama City, Fl. I am the Founder of Keep It Movin Mindset Strategies. My mission is to be the change agent to women who want to Knowledge the Vision, Ignite their Purpose, and Master their Craft. I am a BestSelling Author with 3 books published entitled: “A Ministry’s Leader: Effective Ways to Lead Kingdom Minded”; “The Member’s Connection: Finding the Church and Connecting to God”; and “20 Beautiful Women”. I believe that God has given each and everyone of us a purpose to fulfill on this earth. And it’s up to us to seize it and keep it movin.


How would you describe being your authentic self?

Being your authentic self is being committed to the true person you are, understanding that as life goes on you have the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. I also believe being your authentic self is knowing yourself enough to know who to allow in your space and who not to allow your space. It’s also realizing that God’s gift of life to you means you have something special to offer in this world and He entrusted you with it because He knew you would be the best person to bring it in to fruition.


Was there ever a time in your life that you felt masked or being unauthentic in any way?

Yes during my transition from being married to divorced. I realized that the person I thought I was wasn’t the person who I needed to be. In fact it was someone totally opposite of who I really was.


How did you overcome that situation and remove that mask?

Through much prayer and writing out the things that affected my well being mentally and physically. And the taking those things and turning them into positives. Accepting the fact that although it wasn’t me at the time, I still needed to see the things that weren’t going to impact my future positively.


What does walking in your identity mean to you?

It means being sure of myself. Knowing that as life goes on so will I for the rest of time here on this earth. It also means that I’m appreciative to God for making me who I am and not trying to be or become someone I’m not.



What lessons have you learned by dealing with situations that you once living behind a mask?

I learned that I will always have to upgrade my thinking as I’m elevated through life. I learned that even in the onset of what seems impossible, it’s already been spoken in the word that I am more than a conqueror. I learned that finding my gift and talent is very important to fulfilling my purpose. And in order to be an impact in the lives of others, I must allow it to resonate throughout my life.


Since removing the mask and walking in your identity, how has your life changed?

I’ve become more at peace with myself. I become comfortable with speaking up for myself when necessary and continuing to remain connected to Christ so that I can have the ability to stay in the know of the direction I must take throughout my life. Life is a precious gift and time is a precious commodity without using them both in the most effective way possible, I am doing my self, those who I will impact, and my gifts and talents a disservice. I am convinced my life matters and I must live as though I believe just that.


What words of encouragement would you give to others on being authentic in Christ and walking in their identity? 

Be You! If you don’t quite know who that is, take the time to find out. Go back to the source in Christ and the written word to begin to replace the negative words from you, others, and through your circumstances with positive reinforcement. You are not your circumstance and you were meant to bring forth the greatness within. It’s not your destiny to be stagnant and unproductive. You have a purpose to fulfill.


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