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Walking In My Identity Series with Bonita Parker

Walking In My Identity Series


Certified Life & Transformation Strategist / Best-selling Author / Speaker, Bonita Parker is unstoppable!

From hurt to healing, Bonita Parker is making her way to becoming one of the most sought-after transformation strategists. Her personal power story highlights the suffering effects from being abandoned as an adolescent to how she transformed her life into a successful entrepreneur by using courage and determination as her go-to tools
for her breakthrough. She continues to motivate and inspire women worldwide by helping them uncover the invisible enemies that keep them unknowingly paralyzed in a place of hurt and transform them into their place of healing. Her goal is to shift them to a place where they can feel comfortable in their transparency, walk in their authenticity, and prepare them for full circle abundance.

A huge advocate for women walking authentically in their purpose, Bonita is the visionary behind the Unmask
Yourself Beaute` Symposium ( where she speaks to transform lives! She has graced the
stage with industry notables such as world-renowned breakthrough specialist and powerhouse, Lisa Nichols,
Motivating the Masses – with whom she proudly serves as a global leader under Lisa’s tutelage; and awardwinning
international speaker, Cheryl Wood, CherylEmpowers, and the list is fastly evolving.

Through her authorship and live events, Bonita has made an incredible impact among women and has began a
national trend of unmasking. She is set to release her second best-selling book of her Artificial Beaute’
anthology series in August 2017.

In 2016, she founded The WJP Foundation, in honor and support of her son who was assessed with autism
spectrum disorder (ASD). Her foundation serves as a community advocate for ASD and provides resources and
support to families of children with autism and other developmental disorders.

For more information or to connect with Bonita Parker, please visit


How would you describe being your authentic self?
Being authentic means accepting yourself as you are – flaws and all – while owning who you are and
staying true to who you are, your morals, your values, and all that encompasses you.

Was there ever a time in your life that you felt masked or being unauthentic in any way?
Absolutely. I was the queen of masking and hiding from myself – thus hiding my true self from others.

How did you overcome that situation and remove that mask?                                                                       There was not one core situation that caused my transition and healing. However the catalyst was being
abandoned by my mother at age 4. My healing and unmasking began when she died 3 years ago. And it
started with forgiveness of her for leaving and then forgiveness of myself for holding on to ill emotions
and allowing that situation to control me at my core.

What does walking in your identity mean to you?
Walking in your identity simply means owning your truth and answering the calling that was placed on
you by GOD. We were all born with purpose and often that purpose gets buried underneath the layers
of “life” that transpires over years. Once we peel those layers back, we can begin to SEE who we are
and our purpose becomes more clear.

What lessons have you learned by dealing with situations that had you once living behind a
mask? Never allow your pain to take up permanent residence in your heart. Forgiveness is the
key to internal healing. And love yourself enough to be comfortable in your authenticity.

Since removing the mask and walking in your identity, how has your life changed?
On a personal development aspect, I know my purpose. I have repaired and nurtured damaged
relationships. I am a better mother. I know how to love unselfishly and with limited conditions.
In business, I am a natural healer. I am a certified master life and transformation coach. I host
conferences throughout the year and speak to women about unmasking, owning their truth,
finding their purpose, and started the trend of unmasking globally. I jumpstarted my 6-figure
coaching practice in 2016 and have shaped and transformed the lives of many women globally. I
am a best-selling author of the women’s anthology series – Artificial Beaute, which is comprised
of women who have transitioned from hurt to healing and unmasked themselves! Right now, I
am currently booked through April 2018 for speaking & hosting engagements!


What words of encouragement would you give to others on being authentic in Christ and
walking in their identity?
Be still and allow GOD to do his work in your life. Everything that we go through is for a higher
purpose and he does not make mistakes nor does he put more on us than we can bear. Even in
the darkest times, with a little faith and patience, he pulls us through. So allow those triumphs
to become your testimony and your testimony will serve as a healer to another.


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