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Basketball is one of America’s greatest past times. It’s a sport that gets people riled up, fired up and if you encounter those on opposing teams in the same house, well then it might just be a massacre! This past season as I watched Dub Nation (Warriors) The Cabs Duke it out for the championship I watched intently to the players and their strategy of winning.

It was game 4 and I was on the edge of my seat. Now, I have to admit during the 1st and 2nd quarter I was tense but not really. It was the 3rd quarter that got me to sit down and Pay Attention. It was in the 3 quarter where the game really began to heat up and go somewhere Great and you didn’t know which team was gonna take the win! I mean I was sweating bullets but then I realised something.

In life we play it the same way don’t we? We play our life on the side lines. Not stepping out on faith, we stumble around trying to figure it out. We have some victories in the 1/2 quarters but when we reach the 3rd quarter something g clicks and we get in Real gear! We take more notice of what’s going on, we become more strategic in our lives and we focus in on Winning and Winning Big! We don’t let obstacles, or “guards” block us from taking and getting those shots in life that will take us far!

So where are you in your life right now? It’s the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Are you still sitting around playing small as in the 2 quarter, trying to figure it out. It’s time to Step Up and Upgrade your Game!
You’ve probably been playing small in the 1st quarter, testing the waters, things the “same ole same ole” . Second quarter you wanted to make some changes, you did a little something but nothing big, it’s now the 3rs quarter and you are realizing, “hey it’s time to really show up” and You’re Right!

So let me help you get in the game of your life and WIN in the 3rd Quarter:

1. Build a Power team!  Every great win in life happens when you have a Great team around you that you “play” with.You have to know who is For You on your Team and Who you can Truly Trust so that when you win, All Wins. Build a team that’s about business and knows the heart of the matter of things.

2. Work smart not hard especially when everyone thinks you’re sleeping or don’t think you have a plan. I’m gonna add some Beyonce to the mix. This woman is a workaholic with plenty of time to play. I always say, “everyone has the same 24 hours”. With that being the case if you want to WIN Big in your life, You have to do what others won’t. Now I’m not telling you to be on #teamnosleep but what I am saying is, Make the time to perfect your craft and Be Consistent!!! Consistency is the Key to Success! When you Play your life in consistency you will Always Win!

3. Stay in your Own lane and on your side of the court. I listened to a periscope by Stephanie Synclair and she talked about Beyonce as well. As much as people use the term #slay, it wasn’t a hash tag until AFTER the Superbowl. One thing you can learn from beyonce & basketball is, when you Know your lane and understand your power, you can create a movement & win big like no other. Look at Michael Jordan, when people play and play well, they are always compared to MJ. Be your Own MJ in your life. You can have that same influence and power in your life. If he can be successful and win countless championships, if Beyonce can make Albums & Videos and drop that midnight when no one is paying attention, what’s stopping you?

It’s the 3rd quarter, the ball is in your court, you have control of the ball, hands are up, everyone is looking at you, what’s your next move?



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