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Rising from the Ashes…You can rise again!

As we prepare for the new year; we reflect on our lives. Are we where we want to be? Are we doing what we love? Are we living our dreams? Are walking in our purpose and passion? These are hard questions. But they are necessary questions. And we must answer them honestly. We must be totally open and take our inventory.

Once you have the answers. And have been completely honest with yourself. You can make decisions on where to make changes and choices. Don’t let fear creep in. Don’t let it paralyze you! Don’t listen to the nay-sayers! It is never too late to rebuild and begin again! It’s never too late to make a change and do different!

God tells us He will give you beauty for ashes.  But it is an exchange! Which means you must release the ashes! You must let go! You heard me right! You cannot have both! You must make a choice! You must decide which you want more! Fear or Faith. Future or Past!  You must not hold onto the pain, the anger, the resentment or the past!  In order to step into your beautiful future; you have to let go! You have to release! You have to forgive! You have to move on! And not dwell on it, not set up camp, not keep reliving it! Leave it at the alter and pick up the beautiful gift God is giving you!

As we start to let go we make room for so much more in our lives! We make room for love, for joy, for abundance, for grace, for growing and learning! Remember ashes make great fertilizer for your dreams and your future! Use your ashes to rise and soar! Use them to grow into the beautiful woman you were always meant to be! Use it as your stepping stone, your launch pad, your Jump spot! And Go!

Don’t let anything stop or delay your blessings! Step out in faith! Don’t let it scare you. Trust me! Once you leap you will find you were meant to soar! You were meant for greatness! You will not be sorry that you took the leap! Choose you, choose your future, Choose your dreams! Choose to rise and Choose to trade your ashes for a beautiful new life!


By Teresa Hawley-Howard

Speaker, author, Empowerment-Writing Coach, Publisher, Radio Host, CASA Volunteer


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