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Father’s Day Special with Mr. Rick Washington



Authentically You Magazine is honored to be able to share the stories of fathers and their journey of fatherhood. We had the awesome opportunity to speak with Mr. Rick Washington on his journey as a father. Check out his story of fatherhood below!


~Tell us a little bit about yourself and your children.

My name is Rick Washington, I currently reside in Charlotte, NC , however, born and raised in Syracuse, NY.  I am married to Jaime Washington, and I have two sons, Rickey Washington, Jr, (deceased) and my step son, Terrance Williams. 


~Describe your most rewarding experiences as a Father.

As a father, my most rewarding experiences was and is being able to see my sons grow into young adulthood and to become fathers.


~What do you wish you would have known prior to becoming a Father?

I wish that I would have known, that you must focus more on being a father and not just a friend.  I wish I could have been in my son’s life more, before he died.  My father was not in my life, so it bothered me when my son died, that I wish I had spent more time with him.


~Has there ever been any disappointments as a Father?

Yes, my biggest disappointment was losing my only son at such a young age.  While I was able to see him become a young adult and a father, he is not here to enjoy being a father and a grandfather. 


~What are your favorite things to do with your family?

Just hanging out, having cook outs, listening to music, having fun, walking down memory lane.  We love to have fun and eat!


~What advice would you give to a new Father?

Try to spend as much time as you can with your children.  Teach them the right path and show interest in what interests them, even if you don’t agree at times.  You just must allow them to find their own way, while at the same time, steering them in the way to go. 


~How do you manage the different hats that fathers may need to wear?

It is kind of difficult, as my step-son is miles away and he’s a grown man.  But, I will always be here if he needs me.


~Please share some words of encouragement for someone who may have difficulty transitioning to Fatherhood and balancing it all.

I would tell them, that their whole life is about to change.  Fatherhood is a gift to treasure and while there is no handbook for fatherhood, put God first, family and the rest will be a journey to travel. There will be lessons to learn and blessings if the lessons are learned.


~How can we stay in contact with you?

Rick Washington


We appreciate speaking to Mr. Rick Washington on fatherhood and sharing his story with all of us!

Happy Father’s Day!!!


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