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Father’s Day Special with Mr. Freddie McSears Jr.


Authentically You Magazine is happy to feature and share the stories of fathers for this upcoming Father’s Day!!! These amazing fathers are doing an amazing job and is sharing their journey of fatherhood with others!!! We had the amazing opportunity to speak with Mr. Freddie McSears Jr. on his journey of fatherhood.

Mr. McSears Jr is the single father of his son Joshua by choice and circumstance. Mr. Freddie Jr.  is a former U.S. Air Force officer and pilot. He is also a former White House Social Aide who has traveled globally with his birthplace in the United States. Currently, his is  a major airline, Captain, flying one of the most technical aircraft in the aviation industry.

Mr. McSears Jr. shares ‘ I never thought, imagined or planned to be a single parent. The term co-parenting wasn’t relevant to my mentality as I made decisions to live a life based on the diligence of my work ethic growing up. I wanted a wife, with children in a home filled with love.’

He also shares the amazing attributes of his 10 year old son, Joshua. He states that since Joshua was born, he was active and inquisitive. His curiosity didn’t get him into trouble as much as it enabled him to grow beyond his years. His son, Joshua, is a high B to straight A student with a senior red belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is an avid swimmer and a very good chess player. Joshua is proficient at playing the piano and can read music. He also shares that Joshua is proficient with computer systems MAC and Microsoft and regularly uses software packages that compliments both systems.

Despite any conflict, Joshua has his father whenever he needs him as he is with his father at least 50% of the time. Their relationship have grown and they are stronger together. Mr. Freddie Jr.  shares ‘I never gave up on my son, and he never gave up on me. We have become Stronger – Together.’

To hear more on Mr. Freddie McSears Jr. story, please listen here:


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