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AAALAC “Chasing Your Dreams” Tour with Angela Thomas Smith

Anglea Thomas Smith is an Author, and Co-Founder of Pushing Grace Network Group and AAALAC {African American Authors Literacy Campaign} She has been an amazing help in the community as she works to being awareness to Literacy and to also highlight African American Authors. We had the amazing opportunity to speak to Angela on what she is doing in the community!


AU Mag: What is the purpose of AAALAC?

Angela: The mission of AAALAC is to bring awareness to black authors and literacy throughout USA.. Our goal is that we all will collaborate and support each other and share events and tips that will help us all thrive as pillars in our communities. God has given us all a gift and talent to share with the world. There are billions of people in this world and we represent. 1/10th of them. It takes a village and i’m glad to be a villager.


AU Mag: What inspired you to start AAALAC?

Angela: Last summer Pushing Grace implemented the E3Experience(educate, empower and encourage) to their Summer Enrichment Program. In short kids were challenged thur reading and exploring varies fields. We encountered problem of acquiring African American authored books. So i decided to launch AAALAC and “Chasing Your Dream” tour.


AU Mag: What do you want to accomplish with this organization?

Anglea: We want to bring awareness to as many African American Authors across USA and abroad. We would also like to have a network of authors, events, conferences and books.


AU Mag: What makes you happy about what is happening in this organization?

Angela: I love seeing authors networking and sharing at the events. The smiles and hugs makes me feel what AAALAC is doing is well worth it.


AU Mag: How can others connect and join AAALAC?

Angela: You can connect with us on facebook by joining our group
You can keep in contact with us via phone 864-209-1482, email or stop by or mail at 100 miracle mile dr suite F Anderson SC 29621


AU Mag: What are some upcoming events for AAALAC?

Angela: AAALAC (African American Authors Literacy Awareness Campaign) TENTATIVE TOUR. 678-389-5700

March 11th Clemson SC (Youth event)10-3pm

March 25th Atlanta GA
(Youth & Adult event)
Part 1 10-3pm
Part 2 6-9pm

April 10th-14th Anderson SC
(7am-5pm daily)
Youth Writers Camp
*need workshop facilitators

May 6th Tallahassee Florida 10-3pm
(in honor of Mother’s day)
***Evening event tentative

June 10th Atlanta GA 10-3pm
(in honor of father’s day)
***Evening event tentative

June 24th Cleveland Ohio
*Part 1 10-3pm
* Part 2 6-9pm DINNER w/AUTHOR

July 8th. Chicago IL
*Part 1 10-3pm
* Part 2 6-9pm DINNER w/AUTHOR

July 22nd. Philadelphia PA
*Part 1 10-3pm
* Part 2 6-9pm DINNER w/AUTHOR

August 12th New York NY
*Part 1 10-3pm
* Part 2 6-9pm DINNER w/AUTHOR

Sept 2nd. Columbia SC
( partnership with
First Nazareth Baptist Church)

October 20th(Friday )Washington DC
21st(Sat) Richmond VA

November. 11th. California
*Part 1 10-3pm
*Part 2 6-9pm DINNER w/AUTHOR

December 2nd Clemson SC CAAAM


AAALAC Book Award ceremony> TBA

Following Cities are being added to tour:

Memphis, Tennessee Jackson, Mississippi Myrtle Beach, SC


AAALAC 2018 Schedule coming soon!

If you would like to donate you can via


Photos taken by:  Kingdom Konnection Media group



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